Who We Are

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Our Structure

Woodbrook's structural organization was changed from a Committee structure which stressed our organization, to a Ministry structure which stresses our calling and consists of a Deacon Ministry (focused on our care of and for each other), a Trustee Ministry (focused on the stewardship of our buildings and staff), a Formation Ministry (focused on our growth and formation as Christians), a Service Ministry (focused on how our faith expresses itself in service) and a Worship Ministry (focused on the worship of this congregation).

The Church Council consists of the Chairs of the Deacon, Trustee, Formation, Service and Worship Ministries, the Church Moderator, the Church Treasurer, the Church Clerk, two at-large members chosen from and by the congregation, and the Staff.

Each member of the congregation is expected to serve in a Ministry each year. Service in the Formation, Service, and Worship Ministries is by choice and does not require election.

The Church Council meets monthly at a designated time. Church Council meetings are open to the congregation.

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