Dawn Baker


Dawn Baker, Woodbrook Early Education Center Director

Greetings from behind the playdoh curtain!  The motto of Woodbrook Early Education Center (WEE Center) has been that “Good beginnings never end!” and it is with great joy that I can say the WEE center has continued for over 25 years to offer the children and families of this area good beginnings in education.

As a ministry of the church the WEE center staff and church work hand in hand to offer children and families love, support, encouragement and most of all, a place to know with out a doubt that our God loves you!

Dawn Baker
After getting a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education 34 years ago and getting married the same year, Dawn began her career teaching 4th grade. When her daughter turned 3 years old, she was invited to work in a preschool as the three-year-old teacher and with that the adventure in early childhood began.

Through the years she has worked as an adjunct faculty member with the Community Colleges of Baltimore County for 11 years, and continues to work as an instructor of continuing education for teachers.  She worked as a co-director of a small center for over 10 years, and for the past 15 years, she has worked at Woodbrook Early Education Center as a teacher and as the director.

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