We believe all creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the children of God, light in darkness, at work with God in the redeeming of all creation. Woodbrook is invested and involved in reaching out in service, locally within the community and surrounding area, in partnership with others seeking to work for good, around our country, and through the world. Listed below are some of the particular ministries we support.

2nd Lunch Program

Working in the kitchen

The WEE School and Woodbrook collect non-perishable lunches on Thursdays and Fridays to deliver to ACTC (the Assistance Center of Towson Churches) who makes them available to school children in our public schools who do not have lunches.

Abitibi Recycling

We have in the lower church parking lot, an Abitibi collection bin for recycling paper. Our most recent information indicates we have recycled 4,359 tons of paper, saved 29 cubic yards of landfill space and 17,880 KWH of energy.

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We also offer safe, ecological recycling alternatives for single use, dry cell batteries you put in flashlights or toys and fluorescent light bulbs. Collection boxes are in the lobby.

The Appalachian Mission Trip

Twice a year, a group mainly from Waldorf, MD goes to Pikesville, Kentucky. Woodbrook collects clothes and school supplies and sends along bags upon bags upon bags (upward of 50, last time).

The Assistance Center of Towson Churches

Two months out of each year, we stock the food bank. ACTC is also the organization through which we distribute the Thanksgiving dinner bags we collect at Thanksgiving.

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Baltimore County Public Schools: Office of Homeless Education

As we approach Christmas, we participate in Operation Joy, assembling gift bags for homeless children in Baltimore County Public schools.

The Baptist Seminary of Zimbabwe

You know the dire straits of the whole country with its inflation and deprivation and corrupt and violent leadership.The president of the seminary, Henry Mugabe, has been with us in worship, visited with us, eaten with us, celebrated friendship with us.

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders is an organization that seeks to help people follow in the way of Jesus by moving beyond the various borders our world erects to discover ever anew what it means to be good neighbors.

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Bridges of Hope (Alliance of Baptists Mission Offering)

Our advent Christmas mission offering goes to support the ministries of the Alliance of Baptists.

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Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity

Most of you know about this international ministry focused on providing affordable housing to the working poor.

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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Offering for Global Missions

Our Eastertide mission offering goes to support the ministries of the CBF.

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CrossLink is a Christian ministry that equips medical mission teams, clinics and mission hospitals with medicine, supplies and eyeglasses.

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The Deacons’ Fellowship Fund

The Deacons’ Fellowship Fun is a fund generated by the congregation and administered by our deacons to help members of our congregation in times of need.

E.S.O.L. (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Gail Evans teaches an E.S.O.L. Sunday School class in the conference room in the church office.

Garden Harvest

Garden Harvest is a garden whose harvest goes to feed the hungry. We’ve shorn sheep and dug fence posts, planted and weeded.

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Haitian Literacy Program

The Haitian Literacy Program in Fayette is a program that would not exist without this church, and in its hopes of teaching adults to read, it is about the work of transforming lives.

Harriet Lane Clinic

We collect toys collected by our children and families for children at Christmas at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital.

Heifer International

Heifer’s a non-profit that offers the possibility of gifting someone who doesn’t really need anything by giving someone in countries around the world some form of livestock they do need.

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The Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies

The I.C.J.S. promotes ongoing, relevant conversation and relationship between people of the book.

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Jewels of Hope

Jewels of Hope is the new venture by JourneyPartners, Bonnie Dixon’s organization that connects us with Zimbabwe and Brasil making jewelry available made by local artisans.

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Kiva is a micro-lending service on the internet.

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Lunch with a Twist

Lunch with a Twists are lunches on some Sundays on which the Service Ministry prepares a simple meal, inviting people to stay after worship and eat together in Fellowship Hall, donating what they would have spent going out to eat toward a designated ministry of the church.


It’s not just about offering music classes to local families, though it certainly is that. We subsidize tuition, and then the tuition money we do collect is tithed. We’re looking for an urban ministry setting involving music to support.

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Parents of Preschoolers/PoPsicles

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month during the school year at 9:15 am. Parents of preschoolers and young children gather for discussion, study, prayer, crafts, and community.

Popsicles started as a summer co-op for some of our parents who needed activities and community, but as word spread, we have had up to 40 folks.

Patterson Park Baptist Church

We collect blankets and winter clothes, hats and mittens and school supplies. This past year, in a wonderfully reciprocal way, after we delivered our supplies to them, they collected school supplies we passed along to our ESOL teachers.


Youth camp with a missions emphasis. Our Service Ministry chair, Allison Stone, was the missions coordinator for PASSPORT at Wingate, and our youth and children have participated in service projects and contributed money toward mission projects.

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Salvation Army

Throughout the year, we collect bags of clothes. Periodically, we call the Salvation Army and they come pick up 20 bags.

Shepherd’s Clinic

Our own Jack VandenHengel and people working with him provide health care services for the working poor who can’t afford health insurance.

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Our vacation bible school always has a service component - whether that’s making items for new Habitat homeowners or providing lunch for Habitat workers or collecting $500 for Habitat, or $500 for Watering Malawi.

Watering Malawi

Founded by Colleen Burroughs, who grew up in Malawi, publicized through PASSPORT, Watering Malawi makes treadle pumps available to villagers in Malawi. Our youth helped raise the $60,000 that campers raised that first year. Two coffeehouses our youth put together have raised an additional $4,200 dollars.

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WEE School

Built into the ministry of the WEE school are scholarships for families who can’t afford the tuition, and, in a wonderful way, the WEE School, itself a ministry of the church, explores other ministry—as it encourages parents and students to participate in the 2nd Lunch program, for example.

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Well for the Journey

A local resource for spiritual living.

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