Fall 2014 classes for birth through age 5 starting on September 15th
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At Woodbrook, we take seriously the call to guide and teach preschoolers and children. We encourage the healthy growth of the whole child, through developmentally appropriate activities and experiences, in a warm and nurturing environment. Music education is just one part of our answer to this call. We want high-quality musical experiences to be available to all families.

We now offer Musikgarten’s music and movement classes for children from birth to age six with their parent. Musikgarten classes are carefully planned to meet the developmental needs of children and provide activities that bring families and communities together through joyful music-making.

Classes are taught by Woodbrook’s Minister of Music, Heike Burghart Rice, a licensed and certified Musikgarten teacher.

Music is a vehicle of expression. It is one way to worship, one way to express love, mystery, joy, wonder, whimsy, etc. When children learn how to create music, they are given a tool they can continue to use throughout their lifetime.

last update: 8/25/2014

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