We believe we have been created and called to grow into who and how God wants us to be. We seek to nurture growth in all aspects of our being: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, for we seek to love God with our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

Adults' Opportunities

Members of Woodbrook at nursing home

Just as children go through different phases of childhood, adults go through different phases of adulthood. For the young adult, it can mean transition from high school to college to the work force. From there, it may proceed to marriage and possibly the birth of children. It is a sequence of new beginnings!

For the middle-aged adult, it can mean an assortment of transitions. Your children have grown to be teenagers or young adults. You may be caring for an aging parent and still taking care of children all at the same time. Career tracks may change and marital status may change. It is a sequence of challenges!

For the senior adult, it can mean a time of richness and rewards. Perhaps grandchildren have arrived or you may be enjoying retirement or both! Matters of health become a concern during this phase of adulthood. It is a sequence of changes!

A constant and abiding faith in God can sustain you in whatever phase of adulthood you are experiencing. At this point in your life, bible study is not confined to a book. It takes on new meaning by sharing your joys, sorrows, successes and failures with a compassionate and loving community. You will never outgrow the need for bible study and you will never outgrow the need for friendship.


A summer highlight for our children and youth is the opportunity to go to PASSPORTkids and PASSPORT.


Woodbrook offers Musikgarten's music and movement classes for children from birth to age six with their parent or caregiver. Musikgarten classes are carefully planned to meet the developmental needs of children and provide activities that bring families and communities together through joyful music-making.

Preschool and Children

Young boy playing on playground at Woodbrook

Preschoolers and children are an important part of the body of Christ at Woodbrook. Their gifts and personalities add life and joy to our congregation. At Woodbrook, we take seriously the call to guide and teach preschoolers and children. We encourage the healthy growth of the whole child, through developmentally appropriate activities and experiences, in a warm and nurturing environment. We want children to gain a positive regard for themselves and others and to hear about God as One who creates and One who loves children. We seek to do this within our daily interactions with children and through the following programs which we offer:

9:00 a.m.
Bible Study (infants through elementary school)

10:30 a.m.
Involvement in Worship
Extended Session (infants through kindergarten)

6:00 p.m.
Children's Choirs (graded choirs for three-year-olds through fifth grade)

Sunday School

Children of Woodbrook members playing together on sofa

The Latin for curriculum literally means to run, or a running course, or a race. At Woodbrook, our goal is to help people as they run the race of life, day-to-day, by providing resources and opportunities for faith nurturing and faith maturing experiences. We believe in a holistic approach in running the race involving the spiritual, mental, emotional, social and developmental aspects of each person. We want to nurture, challenge and equip people in their life journey by providing a foundation of faith and freedom. We want to enable people in their faith pilgrimage so one can continually say “Yes!” to Jesus’ urging, “Follow me.”

We have two adult classes that use Smyth & Helwys Sunday School curriculum. Two others use various sources to create their curriculum. For our youth and children, we write our own curriculum. Guided by professional teachers in the congregation, we celebrate the gifts of those who have invested in the idea that there is value in identifying what we want a child growing up at Woodbrook to know in terms of biblical literacy, church history, Baptist history and theology.

Vacation Bible School

Typically in early August, Woodbrook offers a week of Vacation Bible School. Beginning on a Sunday and concluding Thursday, Woodbrook’s Vacation Bible School is offered from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. for preschoolers and elementary aged school children.

W.E.E. Center

The Woodbrook Early Education center has served our community for over 20 years as a strong ministry of the church. Over 3,000 children have been given an outstanding early education, preparing them not only with the education skills required to enter kindergarten but also the social and emotional and spiritual confidence to travel through their school journey. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young children, the WEE center uses play based, age appropriate, and developmentally appropriate activities to engage children in joyful learning. Learn more at the WEE Center website.

Women's Ministry Group

The Women’s Ministry Group coordinates activities for women throughout the year. In the spring, grandmothers, mothers, and daughters anticipate the Annual Ladies’ Tea.

Prayerful Stitching is a regular time of conversation, fellowship, and stitching. This year, the Women’s Ministry Group is working with the Quilter’s Guild to provide prayer shawls for area hospitals, as well as for church members in need.

The Annual Fall Retreat over on the Eastern Shore is a treasured getaway that affords busy women a time of rest and prayer, reflection and good food and company.

Youth Opportunities

Adolescence is a strange, wonderful, challenging time for our middle and high school students. Pressure from peers, society and sometimes families tell them they need to be some one or something other that who God has created them to be. Our goal at Woodbrook is to provide a "safe place" for youth to come, to have fun, and to be themselves - no strings attached. Respect for ourselves and of others is a high priority. We do all of this in the context of reaching for our ultimate goal of helping youth grow in a deeper love of God and therefore a deeper faith. We strive to do this in several venues:


Various of our members have found some of these resources helpful: